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On leaving school, he went into business.

Have I come to the right place? Let one of us keep watch while another takes a nap. Cathrin doesn't want to lose Soohong. The top U.S. export to China was soybeans. I wasn't eavesdropping. The world finds itself at a low point. You won't succeed unless you work hard. She is everything to him. In the short time Beckie was away from his desk, Piete scribbled something in his textbook. There's a secret base on the moon.

Often I go crazy playing baseball. I'm surprised you called. The other day I met Meg in Kyoto. Oedipus thought for a long while. I'm not allowed to talk about it.

Love will triumph.

If you were to ask your banker where he invests his money, you would also have to ask your dentist to open his mouth so you could examine his teeth.

"Does that mean that you forgive me?" "I suppose so." Last weekend was boring for me. Most boys like baseball. Spencer looked sad.

I didn't realize that. I saw him cut down a tree. This is why I don't have a boyfriend. Arnold needs to underpin his house as it's subsiding. They're Stephen's. Son sleeps with his mouth open. Yoga helps her to be calm.

Noemi has a house with a pool. "Getting a foot on the property ladder" is a popular way to describe buying your first home. We take the same bus to work. Please be sure to bring some of your friends to the party. Where does this trail go to? Did you know Skip was writing a novel? Where are my boots? I want to be a better person.

If Rajendra is still inside the house, then he's probably safe.

I saw Marcus' house. Where did she take this picture? What did they think? This has never happened before.

I am staying at the hotel for the time being. He's a wonderful educator. By being with wise men you will yourself become wise. She poked fun at her classmate. This is very ingenious. My attitude towards him changed. He's drunk.

The Japanese word "mofumofu" is used to describe fluffy and light animals. This kind of dog exists only in Japan. Can you sign your name here? Space was the only one here when that happened. Overwork cost her health. "Do you want to try?" "Why not?" Your hands are really soft. There's a defect here.

Are you picking up anything else?

That's nothing but a figure of speech. This is unacceptable to me. Marty told Johnnie he wanted to marry her. The princess fell in love with the prince instantly. Have you ever heard of Nessie? Please tell me a ghost story. Did you buy me these? Did you know Soohong plays the trombone?

I was a fool to have tried explaining something to you that I don't understand myself. How about some Spanish food? She is proficient in both Spanish and Italian. Experience is not what happens to you; it's what you do with what happens to you. I wonder what Glynn was trying to find out. His house is there on the right. Ramanan didn't start to study French until he was thirty. Put on your hiking shoes and don't let any time be lost.

Scott was counting the garden's flowers. You can come to visit us anytime you want. Snacks will be served. Do I really seem so sad? Charlie isn't sane.

Are you doing anything right now? Major is a child. Take your coat off, and make yourself at home. Neal has a house which has two rooms. I've got mosquito bites and they really itch. Do you have any medicine for it? How did you persuade Hon to come? Your family is amazing. Can we ask you a few questions?

This politician is suspected of having connections to organized crime. Milo doesn't know what's bothering Lorraine.

Don't forget our date tomorrow. You should let it go. I am obliged to leave early to catch my train. It is strange that she should say such a thing. I'll ask Ilya out. May I call around 2:30? Do you think I'd leave now? The difficult question is how. I was the only one who didn't fall into the trap. We sometimes see airplanes flying over our farm.